WKRP in Cincinnati (1978-1982)

Status: Ended

Airdate: 1978-09-18

Runtime: 25 minutes

Genre(s): Comedy

Language(s): English


When a Cincinnati radio station switches from sedate music to top-40 rock 'n' roll, its staff of oddball characters is forced to switch gears quickly. New programming director Andy Travis brings in a new DJ named Venus Flytrap to work with the station's burned-out veteran, Dr. Johnny Fever. Neurotic newsman Les Nessman, eager beaver Bailey Quarters, sleazy salesman Herb Tarlek, blonde bombshell Jennifer Marlowe, who serves as the station's ultra-capable receptionist, and station manager Arthur Carlson, whose domineering mother owns WKRP, round out the eccentric bunch.

Episode Title Rating Airdate Skipped Watched
Normal Episodes 90
Season 1 22
Season 2 24
Season 3 22
Season 4 22
Specials 3
Cast 8
Gary Sandy - Andy Travis
Howard Hesseman - Dr. Johnny Fever
Tim Reid - Venus Flytrap
Loni Anderson - Jennifer Marlowe
Frank Bonner - Herb Tarlek
Gordon Jump - Arthur Carlson
Richard Sanders - Les Nessman
Jan Smithers - Bailey Quarters
Production 9
Grant Tinker - Producer
Max Tash - Producer
Dan Guntzelman - Producer
Blake Hunter - Producer
Steve Marshall - Producer
Peter Torokvei - Producer
Rod Daniel - Producer
Steven Kampmann - Producer
Hugh Wilson - Executive Producer
Network 1

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