Star Trek: Picard (2020- )
The End Is the Beginning

Airdate: 2020-02-06 00:00:00

Runtime: 44 minutes

Rating(s): 7.7

Genre(s): Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Action & Adventure

Language(s): English


Completely unaware of her special nature, Soji continues her work and captures the attention of the Borg cube research project’s executive director. After rehashing past events with a reluctant Raffi, Picard seeks others willing to join his search for Bruce Maddox, including pilot and former Starfleet officer Cristóbal Rios.

Cast 7
Patrick Stewart - Jean-Luc Picard
Alison Pill - Agnes Jurati
Isa Briones - Soji Asha
Evan Evagora - Elnor
Michelle Hurd - Raffi Musiker
Santiago Cabrera - Cristobal “Chris” Rios
Harry Treadaway - Narek
Guest Stars 9
Orla Brady - Laris
Jamie McShane - Zhaban
Tamlyn Tomita - Commodore Oh
Graham Shiels - Tal Shiar Operative
Sumalee Montano - Dahj & Soji's Mother
Erik Armando Alvarez - Bidran (uncredited)
Peyton List - Lieutenant Narissa Rizzo
Rebecca Wisocky - Ramdha
Jonathan Del Arco - Hugh
Production 8
Alex Kurtzman - Executive Producer
Patrick Stewart - Executive Producer
Akiva Goldsman - Executive Producer
James Duff - Executive Producer
Trevor Roth - Executive Producer
Michael Chabon - Executive Producer
Rod Roddenberry - Executive Producer
Heather Kadin - Executive Producer
Network 1
CBS All Access

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