Lie to Me (2009-2011)

Status: Ended

Airdate: 2009-01-22

Runtime: 41 minutes

Genre(s): Crime, Drama, Mystery

Language(s): English


The world's leading deception researcher, Dr. Cal Lightman, studies facial expression, body language and tone of voice to determine when a person is lying and why, which helps law enforcement and government agencies uncover the truth. But his skills also make it easier for him to deceive others.

Cast 6
Jennifer Beals - Zoe Landau
Monica Raymund - Ria Torres
Tim Roth - Cal Lightman
Brendan Hines - Eli Loker
Hayley McFarland - Emily Lightman
Kelli Williams - Dr. Gillian Foster
Production 2
Brian Grazer - Producer
David Nevins - Producer
Writing 1
Sam Baum - Writer
Network 1
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