OCTB (2017)

Status: Ended

Airdate: 2017-09-23

Runtime: 45 minutes

Genre(s): Crime, Action & Adventure

Language(s): Chinese


Undercover detective Chen Feng Xiang in a crack after a large group of cadres transferred to civilian, but in eight years after being an anti-black group to recapture. As the current rivers and lakes on the most troublesome triad leader are Chen Feng Xiang then younger brother Zhang Zhi Qiang, Feng Xiang re-out of the "rivers and lakes." He joined Zhang Shaojun led by the anti-black team and the new villain tostart dealing with the hands of the old friends and enemies, which makes Feng Xiang once dilemma. There are three years since the return of Hong Kong, gangs intend to take advantage of a big ticket. Feng Xiang in the investigation of a case of the disappearance of the leader, but found a century of Hong Kong triad history of the shaking big conspiracy.

Episode Title Rating Airdate Skipped Watched
Normal Episodes 30
Season 1 30
Cast 17
Jordan Chan - Inspector Chan
Danny Chan Kwok-Kwan - Danny Cheung
Sam Lee - Wong Chi-On
Ken Wong - Old-Timer
Samuel Pang - 劉振鵬
Rose Chan Ka-Wun - 湯希汶
Philip Chan Yan-Kin - 張國沾
Justin Cheung - 招積
Michael Chan - Godfather
Ng Man Tat - 尤月笙
Hugo Ng - 韓彬
Ben Ng - 吳康
Carrie Ng - 雷吳若薇
Frankie Ng - 吳志雄
Oscar Leung - 玻璃
Alan Kuo - 柯紹騰
Philippe Joly - Jay (Georges' henchman)
Directing 1
Sung Boon-Chung - Director
Writing 1
Paul Chung Shing-Yuen - Writer
Network 1

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