The Guest Book (2017-2018)

Status: Ended

Airdate: 2017-08-03

Runtime: 21 minutes

Rating(s): 7

Genre(s): Comedy

Language(s): English


Guests bring their baggage and own special brand of crazy to a vacation cottage and record their confessions, alibis and farewells in the cottage’s guest book. Each season features a new town, and along with it a new cottage and town locals, though characters from previous season often come along for the ride.

Cast 8
Carly Jibson - Vivian
Eddie Steeples - Eddie
Jimmy Tatro - Bodhi
Kimiko Glenn - Nikki
Dan Beirne - Tommy
Greg Garcia - Homeless Jack (uncredited)
Suzanne Santo - Ice Cream Girl (uncredited)
Benjamin Jaffe - Lifeguard (Uncredited)
Sound 3
Suzanne Santo - Original Music Composer
Benjamin Jaffe - Original Music Composer
John E. Low - Music
Production 4
Greg Garcia - Executive Producer
Aaron Greenberg - Co-Producer
Alix Jaffe - Executive Producer
John Zachary - Production Designer
Camera 1
Chad Persons - Director of Photography
Network 1

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