The Good Doctor (2017- )
45-Degree Angle

Airdate: 2019-11-04 00:00:00

Runtime: 42 minutes

Rating(s): 7.8

Genre(s): Drama

Language(s): English


While performing his first solo surgery, Dr. Shaun Murphy alienates a nurse, which puts his residency in jeopardy. Dr. Neil Melendez disagrees with Dr. Audrey Lim on a risky surgery. Dr. Claire Brown spirals into self-destructive behaviors, causing negative ramifications in the workplace.

Cast 10
Freddie Highmore - Shaun Murphy
Hill Harper - Marcus Andrews
Nicholas Gonzalez - Neil Melendez
Antonia Thomas - Claire Browne
Richard Schiff - Aaron Glassman
Will Yun Lee - Alex Park
Fiona Gubelmann - Morgan Reznick
Christina Chang - Audrey Lim
Paige Spara - Lea Dilallo
Jasika Nicole - Carly Lever
Guest Stars 11
Alistair Abell - Arnold Granger
Tiffany Daniels - Patty Fields
Hannah Drew - Wilma Tifft
Quentin Plair - Andre Fields
Cassandra Naud - Scrub Tech
Isaac Keoughan - Burly Guy
Sheila Kelley - Debbie Wexler
Brittney Wilson - Julie Fletch
Teryl Rothery - JL
Elfina Luk - Dalisay Villanueva
April Cameron - Nurse Hawks
Production 5
David Shore - Executive Producer
Daniel Dae Kim - Executive Producer
Erin Gunn - Executive Producer
David Kim - Executive Producer
Sebastian Lee - Executive Producer
Network 1

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