The Mighty Boosh (2004-2007)

Airdate: 2007-12-13 22:30:00

Runtime: 30 minutes

Rating(s): 7.8

Genre(s): Comedy

Language(s): English


Vince decides to throw a party in the flat in celebration of Howard's birthday, inviting all his friends, who are seemingly unaware of Howard or the reason for the party, a fact made obvious when his speech is met with a stony silence, and Vince's late and extravagant entrance is met with cheers and clapping. After a short game of spin the bottle downstairs in the Nabootique, which is broken up by Naboo, the wife of Dennis the Head Shaman propositions Vince in the stock room. Dennis soon discovers this and proceeds to vow execution upon Vince. Vince meets Howard, who is sitting on the roof. Dennis then catches up with Vince, who pretends to be in love with Howard by kissing him, which Dennis accepts, and departs. Howard and Vince then fall off the roof and on to Vince's present for Howard: a bouncy castle.

Cast 7
Julian Barratt - Howard Moon
Noel Fielding - Vince Noir
Michael Fielding - Naboo
Dave Brown - Bollo
Rich Fulcher - Bob Fossil
Peter Kyriacou
Victoria Wicks
Production 3
Spencer Millman - Producer
Steve Coogan - Producer
Henry Normal - Producer
Network 1
BBC Three

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