The Mighty Boosh (2004-2007)
The Nightmare of Milky Joe

Airdate: 2005-08-30 21:30:00

Runtime: 30 minutes

Rating(s): 9.1

Genre(s): Comedy

Language(s): English


Howard and Vince plan to travel to America to perform on the Pie Face Showcase. Due to Howard's fear of flying, they travel by boat, but are thrown overboard and stranded on a desert island for Vince's giving the captain a haircut whilst he slept. Howard's condition quickly deteriorates due to lack of nourishment, so they decide to eat coconuts. Howard begins keeping a journal, and Vince fashions bamboo drainpipes. Howard and Vince begin arguing, and separate to build huts: Vince's elaborate and complicated, compared to Howard's board on a stick. Howard fashions a male companion out of a coconut, calling it Milky Joe. Howard eventually builds a proper hut with the help of Milky Joe. Vince then fashions a female companion out of a coconut called Ruby. This makes Howard jealous, who fashions a wig for Milky Joe and temporarily calls her Jemima. Howard then sings a song about isolation. Vince then fashions another female companion out of a coconut called Precious Lilywhite. This agitates Howard further; he eventually persuades Vince to invite him to dinner with Precious and Ruby. Howard eventually ends up with Precious who turns out to be physically abusive. While Vince has a party on the beach, Howard accidentally kills Precious. The coconuts begin moving of their own accord; coconut police begin chasing them, they are caught and sent to coconut court, where they are found guilty of murder, and used as attractions in a coconut shie. At this point, Howard and Vince are splashed with water by a sailor, which awakens them from their rancid coconut-induced nightmare. They return home to watch the televised version of the Pie Face Showcase; headlined by Milky Joe and the Coconuts.

Cast 7
Julian Barratt - Howard Moon
Noel Fielding - Vince Noir
Michael Fielding - Naboo
Dave Brown - Bollo
Rich Fulcher - Bob Fossil
Peter Kyriacou
Victoria Wicks
Production 3
Spencer Millman - Producer
Steve Coogan - Producer
Henry Normal - Producer
Network 1
BBC Three

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