Bull (2016- )
Never Saw the Sign

Airdate: 2016-11-21 23:00:00

Runtime: 43 minutes

Rating(s): 7.9

Genre(s): Crime, Drama

Language(s): English


Bull uncovers a conspiracy involving a corrupt assemblyman (John Ventimiglia) while helping a new client facing vehicular manslaughter charges. Also, Danny and Cable investigate why Marissa is acting and dressing differently.

Cast 6
Michael Weatherly - Jason Bull
Geneva Carr - Marissa Morgan
Annabelle Attanasio - Cable McCrory
Freddy Rodríguez - Benny Colon
Chris Jackson - Chunk
Jaime Lee Kirchner - Danielle James
Guest Stars 2
John Ventimiglia - Dormit
Dan Mc Cabe - Carter Spinel
Network 1

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