Total Drama Island (2007-2008)

Status: Ended

Airdate: 2007-07-08

Runtime: 22 minutes

Genre(s): Action & Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Drama

Language(s): English


Reality TV meets animation in this parody in which twenty-two teens are sent to the most run-down and bug-infested summer camp known to reality TV producers. Split into teams, The Screaming Gophers take on The Killer Bass as they face challenges that get more insane each week.

Cast 19
Clé Bennett - Chef Hatchet / DJ (voice)
Christian Potenza - Chris McLean (voice)
Emilie-Claire Barlow - Courtney (voice)
Carter Hayden - Noah (voice)
Katie Crown - Izzy (voice)
Megan Fahlenbock - Gwen (voice)
Adam Greydon Reid - Justin (voice)
Drew Nelson - Duncan (voice)
Novie Edwards - LeShawna (voice)
Brian Froud - Harold (voice)
Lauren Lipson - Sadie (voice)
Kristin Fairlie - Bridgette (voice)
Scott McCord - Owen (voice)
Julia Chantrey - Eva (voice)
Dan Petronijevic - Geoff (voice)
Sarah Gadon - Beth (voice)
Joe Jonas - Trent (voice)
Rachel Wilson - Heather (voice)
Stephanie Mills - Lindsay / Katie (voice)
Network 1

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