School of Rock (2016-2018)

Status: Ended

Airdate: 2016-03-12

Runtime: 22 minutes

Rating(s): 4.3

Genre(s): Comedy, Family

Language(s): English


A group of rule-abiding prep school students – Zack, Lawrence, Freddy, Summer and Tomika – learn to take risks and reach new heights thanks to substitute teacher Dewey Finn, a down-on-his-luck musician who uses the language of rock ‘n’ roll to inspire his class to form a secret band. Throughout the school year, these middle-school classmates find themselves navigating relationships, discovering their unknown talents and learning lessons on loyalty and friendships.

Cast 7
Breanna Yde - Tomika
Ricardo Hurtado - Freddy
Jade Pettyjohn - Summer Hathaway
Lance Lim - Zack Kwan
Aidan Miner - Lawrence
Tony Cavalero - Dewey Finn
Jama Williamson - Principal Rosalie Mullins
Network 1

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