The Village: Achiara's Secret (2015)

Status: Ended

Airdate: 2015-10-07

Runtime: 1 hour

Rating(s): 7.7

Genre(s): Mystery

Language(s): Korean


Achiara is a quiet, peaceful village with hardly any crime. But on her first day of school there, English language instructor Kim So-yoon discovers a buried corpse. As the townspeople speculate on the identity of the dead person and the reason she was killed, So-yoon and policeman Park Woo-jae become determined to solve the mystery.

Cast 15
Jang So-yeon - Kang Joo-hee
Ahn Seo-hyun - Seo Yoo-na
Moon Geun-Young - Kim So-yoon
Yook Sung-jae - Park Woo-jae
Shin Eun-kyung - Yoon Ji-sook
On Ju-wan - Seo Ki-hyun
Jang Hee-jin - Kim Hye-jin
Kim Min-jae - Officer Han
Lee Yeol-eum - Ga-young
Park Eun-seok - Nam Gun-woo
Choi Won Hong - Ba-woo
Choi Jae-woong - Kang Pil-sung
Woo Hyun-Zoo - Kyung-soon
Jo Han-cheol - Choi Hyung-kil
Moon Ji-In - Soon-young
Directing 1
Lee Yong-seok - Director
Network 1

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