Lucifer (2016-2021)
Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil.

Airdate: 2016-02-01 00:00:00

Runtime: 45 minutes

Rating(s): 8.2

Genre(s): Crime, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Language(s): English


When a movie star's son is killed after being chased by the paparazzi, Chloe takes a deep look into the case with a little help from Lucifer. Meanwhile, Maze and Amenadiel continue to encourage Lucifer to go back to hell.

Cast 8
Tom Ellis - Lucifer Morningstar / Michael
Lauren German - Chloe Decker
Kevin Alejandro - Dan Espinoza
D.B. Woodside - Amenadiel
Lesley-Ann Brandt - Mazikeen "Maze"
Aimee Garcia - Ella Lopez
Rachael Harris - Linda Martin
Scarlett Estevez - Trixie Espinoza
Guest Stars 16
Jeremy Davies - Nick Hofmeister
Robert Ri'chard - Josh Bryant
Evan Arnold - Street Preacher
Greg Vaughan - Mr. Russell
Brady Roberts - Robbie Russell Jr.
Danny Dworkis - Bald Paparazzo
B. J. Harrison - Doctor
Jenna Hastings - Irate Woman
Marcus Hondro - Sweaty Paparazzo
Andres Joseph - Handsome Man
Rema Kibayi - Tall Paparazzo
Crystal Mudry - Young Woman
Lissa Neptuno - Desk Cop
Fei Ren - Beautiful Woman
Livia TreviƱo - Stern Female Desk Cop
John Pankow - Jimmy Barnes
Production 14
KristieAnne Reed - Co-Executive Producer
Jason Ning - Supervising Producer
Nathan Hope - Producer
Alex Katsnelson - Producer
Sheri Elwood - Co-Executive Producer
Len Wiseman - Executive Producer
Jonathan Littman - Executive Producer
Ildy Modrovich - Executive Producer
Joe Henderson - Executive Producer
Erik Holmberg - Producer
Tom Kapinos - Executive Producer
Samantha Rood - Casting Associate
Corbin Bronson - Original Casting
Elizabeth Barnes - Original Casting
Costume & Make-Up 1
Shanna Mair - Costume Design
Art 1
Susan Parker - Art Direction
Writing 3
Mike Dringenberg - Characters
Neil Gaiman - Characters
Sam Kieth - Characters
Sound 3
Aron Marderosian - Main Title Theme Composer
Robert Marderosian - Main Title Theme Composer
Tristan Beltrami - Main Title Theme Composer
Network 2

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