You, Me and the Apocalypse (2015)

Status: Ended

Airdate: 2015-09-29

Runtime: 42 minutes

Genre(s): Drama, Comedy

Language(s): English


When the news is announced that a comet is on an unavoidable collision course with Earth, the most hilarious and unexpected chain of events imaginable is set in motion.

Cast 15
Pauline Quirke - Pauline Winton
Jenna Fischer - Rhonda McNeil
Joel Fry - Dave Bosley
Rob Lowe - Father Jude Sutton
Megan Mullally - Leanne
Anastasia Hille
Paterson Joseph - General Arnold Gaines
Mathew Baynton - Jamie Winton / Ariel Conroy
Gaia Scodellaro - Sister Celine
Kyle Soller - Scotty McNeil
Fabian McCallum - Spike
Bronagh Gallagher - Larsson
Karla Crome - Layla
Diana Rigg - Sutton
Prasanna Puwanarajah - Rajesh
Directing 2
Saul Metzstein - Director
Tim Kirkby - Director
Writing 2
Sarah Dollard - Writer
Mickey Down - Writer
Camera 2
Stephan Pehrsson - Director of Photography
Wojciech Szepel - Director of Photography
Sound 3
Steve Jablonsky - Music
Pieter A. Schlosser - Music
Vince Pope - Music
Network 2
Sky One

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