Higher Ground (2000)

Status: Ended

Airdate: 2000-01-14

Runtime: 1 hour

Rating(s): 8.2

Genre(s): Drama

Language(s): English


Higher Ground is an American-Canadian drama action television show shot outside Vancouver, British Columbia. The series ran from January 14, 2000 - June 16, 2000 and aired on Fox Family. It stars Joe Lando, Hayden Christensen, A.J. Cook, Meghan Ory, Kandyse McClure, and Jewel Staite. Higher Ground told the story of Mount Horizon High School, a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens, where the students learned to face their personal struggles with addiction, abuse, or disorders.

Cast 10
Joe Lando - Peter Scarbrow
Hayden Christensen - Scott Barringer
A.J. Cook - Shelby Merrick
Meghan Ory - Juliette Waybourne
Jewel Staite - Daisy Lipenowski
Kyle Downes - Ezra Friedkin
Jorgito Vargas Jr. - Augusto 'Auggie' Ciceros
Kandyse McClure - Katherine Ann 'Kat' Cabot
Deborah Odell - Hannah Barnes
Anne Marie DeLuise - Sophie Becker
Production 1
Harold Lee Tichenor - Producer
Network 1
ABC Family

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