Ground Floor (2013-2015)

Status: Ended

Airdate: 2013-11-13

Runtime: 20 minutes

Genre(s): Comedy

Language(s): English


Brody, a young hot-shot banker at Whitestone Trust, thought he was just having a one-night stand with Jennifer, a beautiful woman he met at a bar. But when he discovers that she works in maintenance for the building where he works, their worlds begin to collide in the most unexpected way. Facing Brody’s critical boss, Mr. Mansfield, as well as annoyed colleagues, the pair must find a way to deal with their growing feelings for each other in this modern take on Romeo & Juliet.

Cast 7
John C. McGinley - Remington Stewart Mansfield
Skylar Astin - Brody Carol Moyer
Rory Scovel - Mark "Harvard" Shrake
Rene Gube - Mike "Threepeat" Wen
James Earl - Derrick Dupree
Briga Heelan - Jenny Miller
Emily Heller - Lindsay
Network 1
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