Numb3rs (2005-2010)
The Women of Numb3rs

Runtime: 43 minutes

Genre(s): Crime, Drama, Mystery

Language(s): English


Part Two of a five-part special feature presentation discussing the details involved with Season Four of 'Numb3rs' Crew discussions about how executive producer Tony Scott pulls his style and sense from film production into updating and refining the characters and plots of 'Numb3rs'

Cast 10
David Krumholtz - Charlie Eppes
Rob Morrow - Don Eppes
Peter MacNicol - Larry Fleinhardt
Judd Hirsch - Alan Eppes
Navi Rawat - Amita Ramanujan
Alimi Ballard - David Sinclair
Dylan Bruno - Colby Granger
Aya Sumika - Liz Warner
Diane Farr - Megan Reeves
Sabrina Lloyd - Terry Lake
Production 3
Tony Scott - Producer
Ridley Scott - Producer
David W. Zucker - Producer
Network 1

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