Emergency! (1972-1979)
Computer Error

Airdate: 1973-12-21 23:00:00

Runtime: 1 hour

Rating(s): 8.3

Genre(s): Action & Adventure, Drama

Language(s): English


John tries to get a credit card mistake corrected. A young couple is rescued from a car wreck; the boy has a spinal cord injury and Dr. Early suspects the girl is pregnant. Roy and John rescue a woman trapped at the bottom of a well and an amateur magician from a safe. A rescue at a junkyard fire turns hazardous when phosphorus materials explode.

Cast 11
Tim Donnelly - Chet Kelly
Bobby Troup - Joe Early
Robert Fuller - Kelly Brackett
Kevin Tighe - Roy DeSoto
Randolph Mantooth - John Gage
Julie London - Dixie McCall
Ron Pinkard - Dr. Morton
Mike Stoker - Fireman Mike Stoker
Michael Norell - Captain Hank Stanley
Vince Howard - Police Officer Vince
Marco López - Fireman Marco Lopez
Guest Stars 6
Joyce Jameson
Mark Miller
Don Most
Larry Storch
Audrey Landers
Bing Russell
Production 1
Jack Webb - Producer
Network 1

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