Intelligence (2006-2007)

Status: Ended

Airdate: 2006-10-11

Runtime: 1 hour

Rating(s): 8.3

Genre(s): Crime, Drama, Action & Adventure

Language(s): English


Intelligence is a Vancouver-based television crime drama starring Ian Tracey and Klea Scott that aired on the CBC. With its pilot first airing on November 28, 2005, the series began regular broadcasting on October 10, 2006. CBC reaired the pilot on June 7, 2007 and began broadcasting reruns of season one on Fridays starting on June 8, 2007. A second season then aired from October 2007, concluding in December that same year. The series was produced by Haddock Entertainment, which also produced Da Vinci's Inquest and Da Vinci's City Hall. On March 7, 2008, the CBC announced that Intelligence would be cancelled. There were various rumors surrounding the cancellation of the series. Kevin Baker from The National Post alleged: "There's a theory afloat that CBC Television cancelled the unusually good drama Intelligence in fear of upsetting Canada's New Government, which is thought to be slavering for an excuse to junk the nation's public broadcaster and sell off the parts." The show centres on Jimmy Reardon, one of Vancouver's top organized crime bosses, and Mary Spalding, the director of the Vancouver Organized Crime Unit, who has offered Reardon immunity from prosecution in exchange for his role as a police informant. The show also stars Matt Frewer as Ted Altman, the scheming assistant director of the OCU who seeks to replace Spalding, and John Cassini as Ronnie Delmonico, Reardon's business partner and confidant.

Cast 8
Matt Frewer
Klea Scott
Ian Tracey
John Cassini
Camille Sullivan
Bernie Coulson
Lauren Lee Smith
Pascale Hutton
Production 5
Chris Haddock - Executive Producer
Arvi Liimatainen - Producer
Laura Lightbown - Executive Producer
Carwyn Jones - Producer
Stephen Surjik - Producer
Network 1
CBC Television

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