Smallville (2001-2011)

Airdate: 2007-10-31 23:00:00

Runtime: 1 hour

Rating(s): 8.3

Genre(s): Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Mystery, Drama

Language(s): English


Kara goes to Washington to look for her missing crystal, but is captured after she breaks into the lab. She's sedated with a truth serum that has kryptonite in it, which makes her relive a trip to Earth from the past. In this past trip she followed Lara, Clark's biological mother, to the Kent's farm. Clark saves Kara, but also ends up being affected by the serum when he burns it with his heat vision.

Cast 8
Tom Welling - Clark Kent
Kristin Kreuk - Lana Lang
Michael Rosenbaum - Lex Luthor
John Glover - Lionel Luthor
Erica Durance - Lois Lane
Aaron Ashmore - Jimmy Olsen
Laura Vandervoort - Kara Kent
Allison Mack - Chloe Sullivan
Guest Stars 4
Kim Coates - Special Agent Carter
Christopher Heyerdahl - Zor-El
Helen Slater - Lara-El
Heather Doerksen - Isis Receptionist
Production 21
Al Septien - Co-Producer
Holly Harold - Co-Producer
Turi Meyer - Co-Producer
Tom Flores - Co-Producer
Darren Swimmer - Executive Producer
Todd Slavkin - Executive Producer
Tim Scanlan - Supervising Producer
David Willson - Producer
Jae Marchant - Producer
John Litvack - Co-Executive Producer
James Marshall - Executive Producer
Kelly Souders - Executive Producer
Brian Peterson - Executive Producer
Rob Maier - Producer
Ken Horton - Executive Producer
Alfred Gough - Executive Producer
Miles Millar - Executive Producer
Greg Beeman - Executive Producer
Mike Tollin - Executive Producer
Joe Davola - Executive Producer
Brian Robbins - Executive Producer
Writing 2
Jerry Siegel - Characters
Joe Shuster - Characters
Network 2
The WB
The CW

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