Smallville (2001-2011)

Airdate: 2004-04-13 22:00:00

Runtime: 1 hour

Rating(s): 8.4

Genre(s): Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Mystery, Drama

Language(s): English


When Jonathan begins to act strangely, Clark believes Jor-El is sending Jonathan messages through the key and is the cause for his father's withdrawal from the family. Clark goes down to the caves to confront his biological father but Lionel catches him there and begins putting the pieces together, leading him straight to Dr. Swann. As the two billionaires face off, a deal is struck and Lionel's true motives are revealed.

Cast 8
Tom Welling - Clark Kent
Kristin Kreuk - Lana Lang
Michael Rosenbaum - Lex Luthor
Annette O'Toole - Martha Kent
John Glover - Lionel Luthor
John Schneider - Jonathan Kent
Samuel Jones III - Pete Ross
Allison Mack - Chloe Sullivan
Guest Stars 4
Daniel Bacon - FBI Agent
Timothy Paul Perez - Agent Tobin
Gary Hudson - FBI Agent Frank Loder
Christopher Reeve - Dr. Virgil Swann
Production 14
Darren Swimmer - Co-Producer
Todd Slavkin - Co-Producer
Kenneth Biller - Co-Executive Producer
Jeph Loeb - Consulting Producer
Tim Scanlan - Co-Producer
Robert Hargrove - Producer
Tom Flores - Associate Producer
Ken Horton - Executive Producer
Alfred Gough - Executive Producer
Miles Millar - Executive Producer
Greg Beeman - Executive Producer
Mike Tollin - Executive Producer
Joe Davola - Executive Producer
Brian Robbins - Executive Producer
Writing 2
Jerry Siegel - Characters
Joe Shuster - Characters
Network 2
The WB
The CW

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