The Wonder Years (1988-1993)
Scenes from a Wedding

Airdate: 1992-10-06 22:00:00

Runtime: 24 minutes

Rating(s): 8

Genre(s): Comedy, Drama, Family

Language(s): English


When the Arnolds attend the wedding of Jack's boss' daughter, one of the bridesmaids turns her attention to Kevin. He tries to get a bottle of champagne for them to consume together, but ends up drinking it while he waits for her. When she does arrive, Kevin vomits on her. Later, Wayne tells Kevin that he's had sex with the bride.

Cast 8
Fred Savage - Kevin Arnold
Alley Mills - Norma Arnold
Josh Saviano - Paul Joshua Pfeiffer
Danica McKellar - Gwendolyn "Winnie" Cooper
Dan Lauria - John "Jack" Arnold
Olivia d'Abo - Karen Arnold
Jason Hervey - Wayne Arnold
Daniel Stern - Narrator (Adult Kevin)
Guest Stars 6
Mandy Ingber - Andrea
Tom Wood - Peter Rotelli
Michole Briana White - Cynthia
Bette Ford - Aunt Muriel
Paul Gleason - Arthur Jensen
Aimee Graham - Candee Jensen
Directing 17
Jeffrey D. Brown - Director
Art Wolff - Director
Neal Marlens - Director
Andy Tennant - Director
Jim McBride - Director
Nick Marck - Director
Greg Beeman - Director
Steve Miner - Director
Matia Karrell - Director
Michael Dinner - Director
Peter Baldwin - Director
David Greenwalt - Director
Daniel Stern - Director
Carol Black - Director
Ken Topolsky - Director
Arthur Albert - Director
Tom Moore - Director
Writing 4
Carol Black - Writer
Neal Marlens - Writer
Todd Langen - Writer
Matthew Carlson - Writer
Production 11
Michael Dinner - Producer
Carol Black - Executive Producer
Bob Brush - Executive Producer
Neal Marlens - Executive Producer
Steve Miner - Producer
Matthew Carlson - Producer
Kerry Ehrin - Producer
Jill Gordon - Producer
Bob Stevens - Producer
Ken Topolsky - Producer
David Chambers - Producer
Network 1

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