Vikings (2013-2020)
Death and the Serpent

Airdate: 2020-01-08 00:00:00

Runtime: 44 minutes

Genre(s): Action & Adventure, Drama

Language(s): English


Bjorn is forced to act quickly in the aftermath of the election for the king of all Norway. The Bandits attack Lagertha’s village again confident of an easy victory. However, when the defense boils down to single combat with Lagertha, victory seems less likely. In Kattegat, haunted and paranoid, Hvitserk continues to unravel.

Cast 7
Alexander Ludwig - Bjorn Lothbrok
Jordan Patrick Smith - Ubbe Lothbrok
Marco Ilsø - Hvitserk Lothbrok
Katheryn Winnick - Lagertha Lothbrok
Peter Franzén - King Harald Finehair
Alex Høgh Andersen - Ivar the Boneless
Danila Kozlovsky - Prince Oleg of Novgorod
Guest Stars 6
Anna Maria Jopek - Female Skald
Steven Berkoff - King Olaf the Stout
Ragga Ragnars - Gunnhild
Adam Copeland - Kjetill Flatnose
Alicia Agneson - Katia
Georgia Hirst - Torvi
Production 1
Michael Hirst - Executive Producer
Network 2

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