Full House (1987-1995)
Lovers and Other Tanners

Airdate: 1992-10-19 22:00:00

Runtime: 25 minutes

Genre(s): Comedy, Family

Language(s): English


Teaser: Planting. (Teaser includes Stephanie and Michelle.) Main Synopsis: Danny has plans to pick Vicky up from the airport, so he asks D.J. to pick Michelle up from a Honeybee troop meeting at 4:00pm. It's not 4:00pm yet, so D.J. goes out with Steve. When they return home, they are studying when they realize that they are in love with each other. Minutes later, Danny walks in while D.J. and Steve are sharing a kiss, then Stephanie arrives home with Michelle, because D.J. forgot to pick Michelle up and walk her home. Steve leaves to go to wrestling practice at the high school. Danny tells D.J. that recently, D.J. has been entirely too wrapped up with Steve. D.J. says that she and Steve are in love, and Danny refuses to believe it just because D.J. is 15 years old, then Danny says D.J.'s mind has been in the clouds because of Steve, so in order to bring D.J.'s mind back down to Earth, Danny forbids D.J. from ever seeing Steve again -- a big mistake on Danny's part. It drives D.J. rig

Cast 9
John Stamos - Jesse Katsopolis
Bob Saget - Danny Tanner
Dave Coulier - Joey Gladstone
Candace Cameron Bure - D.J. Tanner
Jodie Sweetin - Stephanie Tanner
Mary-Kate Olsen - Michelle Tanner
Ashley Olsen - Michelle Tanner
Andrea Barber - Kimmy Gibbler
Scott Weinger - Steve Hale
Guest Stars 1
Hilary Shepard
Production 9
Tom Amundsen - Co-Producer
Bonnie Bogard Maier - Co-Producer
Tom Burkhard - Co-Producer
Dennis Rinsler - Executive Producer
Marc Warren - Executive Producer
Don Van Atta - Co-Executive Producer
Jeff Franklin - Executive Producer
Thomas L. Miller - Executive Producer
Robert L. Boyett - Executive Producer
Sound 1
Jesse Frederick - Theme Song Performance
Network 1

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