Full House (1987-1995)
Just Say No Way

Airdate: 1990-03-29 22:00:00

Runtime: 25 minutes

Rating(s): 7.5

Genre(s): Comedy, Family

Language(s): English


Teaser: Michelle tries to make Joey a sandwich. Main Synopsis: D.J. and Kimmy organize the ""Spring Backwards Dance"" at school. For this dance, the girls must ask the boys to the dance. D.J. is too nervous to ask Kevin, so Stephanie does it for her. At the dance, D.J. finds Kevin and two other boys, Sam and Paul, drinking beer. D.J. takes the beer away from them in an effort to stop them. Unfortunately, this is when Jesse enters the hallway and sees D.J. holding the beer can. As a result, Jesse goes crazy and wrongfully accuses D.J. of drinking, and Jesse, Danny, and Joey refuse to believe D.J. when she tells them the truth that she was not drinking and that she was trying to stop Kevin, Sam, and Paul from drinking. Later, Jesse and the guys feel like complete fools for doubting D.J. when Kevin tells Jesse and Danny the truth, exactly what D.J. told them. Meanwhile, Joey has bought Michelle a tape of children's songs by a singer named Raffi, and Stephanie wishes Joey hadn't bought th

Cast 7
John Stamos - Jesse Katsopolis
Bob Saget - Danny Tanner
Dave Coulier - Joey Gladstone
Candace Cameron Bure - D.J. Tanner
Jodie Sweetin - Stephanie Tanner
Mary-Kate Olsen - Michelle Tanner
Ashley Olsen - Michelle Tanner
Guest Stars 5
Scott Curtis - Kevin Gwin
Andrea Barber - Kimmy Gibbler
Anne Marie McEvoy - Kathy Santoni
Joe El Rady - Sam
Angella Kaye - Girl at Dance
Production 7
Dennis Rinsler - Producer
Marc Warren - Producer
Leonard Ripps - Producer
Don Van Atta - Producer
Jeff Franklin - Executive Producer
Thomas L. Miller - Executive Producer
Robert L. Boyett - Executive Producer
Sound 1
Jesse Frederick - Theme Song Performance
Network 1

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