Full House (1987-1995)
Danny's Very First Date

Airdate: 1988-02-11 23:00:00

Runtime: 25 minutes

Rating(s): 7.2

Genre(s): Comedy, Family

Language(s): English


Danny wants to date Linda, the hive mother of the Honeybee troop that Stephanie is a member of, but Danny's nervous about asking Linda out and he feels that it may be too soon after Pam's death to start dating, and D.J. and Stephanie don't want Danny to start dating, because they think Danny would be looking for someone to replace their mother Pam. Meanwhile, Jesse and Joey try to assemble a small plastic slide in the living room in hopes that Michelle will play with something else besides ""Benny"", the old dish rag that Michelle has become so attached to.

Cast 5
John Stamos - Jesse Cochran
Bob Saget - Danny Tanner
Dave Coulier - Joey Gladstone
Candace Cameron Bure - D.J. Tanner
Jodie Sweetin - Stephanie Tanner
Guest Stars 4
Mary-Kate Olsen - Michelle Tanner
Ashley Olsen - Michelle Tanner
Deborah Gorman - Julie Stratton
Karen Kopins - Linda Stratton
Production 8
Fern Champion - Casting
Pamela Basker - Casting
Harriette Regan - Coordinating Producer
Phyllis J. Nelson - Associate Producer
Leonard Ripps - Producer
Jeff Franklin - Executive Producer
Thomas L. Miller - Executive Producer
Robert L. Boyett - Executive Producer
Sound 1
Jesse Frederick - Theme Song Performance
Network 1

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