Kavanagh QC (1995-1999)

Status: Ended

Airdate: 1995-01-03

Runtime: 1 hour and 15 minutes

Rating(s): 7.5

Genre(s): Crime, Drama

Language(s): English


Kavanagh QC is a British television series made by Central Television for ITV between 1995 and 2001. It is often repeated on ITV3, and series 1–6 are available on Region 2 DVDs. The series starred John Thaw as barrister James Kavanagh QC who comes from a working-class upbringing in Bolton, Greater Manchester. This is only discovered in later episodes as his parents' health deteriorates and through an exchange with a colleague who presumed that Kavanagh was actually a Yorkshireman. The series dealt with his battles in the courtroom as well as his domestic dramas which include the death of his devoted and affectionate wife. Later he begins dating a fellow barrister. In court Kavanagh is usually seen to be defending a client who seems likely to be convicted until a twist in the case occurs, but occasionally Kavanagh is seen in a prosecuting role. The main plot often features Kavanagh confronting cases with a subtext of racism, sexism or other prejudice. In sub-plots comedy came from the pomposity and self-absorption of Jeremy, a posh barrister in chambers. Kavanagh will not stand for injustice and is never bullied by threats or bribes from those whom he is up against in the courtroom.

Cast 11
Cliff Parisi
John Thaw - James Kavanagh QC
Oliver Ford Davies
Lisa Harrow
Daisy Bates
Nicholas Jones
John Carlisle
Anna Chancellor
Carol Harrison
Nick Patrick
Sam Cox
Production 1
Ted Childs - Producer
Network 1

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