The Saddle Club (2001-2008)

Status: Ended

Airdate: 2001-02-06

Runtime: 30 minutes

Genre(s): Family

Language(s): English


The Saddle Club is a children's television series based on the books written by Bonnie Bryant Like the book series, the scripted live action series follows the lives of three teenage girls in training to compete in equestrian competitions at the fictional Pine Hollow Stables, while dealing with problems in their personal lives. Throughout the series, The Saddle Club navigates their rivalry with Veronica, training for competitions, horse shows, and the quotidian dramas that arise between friends and staff in the fictional Pine Hollow Stables. In each show, The Saddle Club prevails over its adversities, usually sending a message emphasizing the importance of friendship and teamwork.

Episode Title Rating Airdate Skipped Watched
Normal Episodes 79
Season 1 26
Season 2 27
Season 3 26
Specials 1
Horse Crazy (Movie)
Cast 18
Sophie Bennett
Brett Tucker
Jessica Jacobs
Lara Jean Marshall - Lisa Atwood
Keenan MacWilliam
Heli Simpson
Kia Luby
Briony Behets
Glenn Meldrum
Catherine Wilkin
Marisa Siketa
Janelle Corlass-Brown
Alex Marriott
Marny Kennedy
Ariel Kaplan - Lisa
Connor Jessup - Simon
Kaiya Jones - Jessica
Sophie Bloom - Megan
Network 1

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