Doug (1991-2000)
Doug Gets His Wish

Airdate: 1996-12-06 23:00:00

Runtime: 24 minutes

Genre(s): Animation, Comedy, Kids

Language(s): English


Doug complains that Miss. Kristal gives too much homework, and wishes she wouldn't. After Willy tells his dad that Miss. Kristal is a bad teacher, Principal White fires her. So Principal White becomes their new teacher and brings an end to homework. The class is happy that there is no more homework, but soon Willy is the teacher and when he goes overboard, the entire class realize how good Miss. Kristal was.

Cast 10
Thomas McHugh
Constance Shulman - Patricia 'Patti' Mayonnaise (voice)
Alice Playten - Beebe Bluff (voice)
Fred Newman - Mosquito 'Skeeter' Valentine (voice)
Becca Lish - Theda Funnie (voice)
Doris Belack - Ms. Wingo (voice)
Doug Preis - Phillip 'Phil' Funnie (voice)
Fran Brill - Emily Kristal (voice)
Greg Lee - Robert 'Bob' White (voice)
Jeff Bergman - Coach Spitz (voice)
Writing 1
Alan J. Higgins - Writer
Network 4
Broadcast Syndication

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