Cow and Chicken (1997-1999)
Can Cow Come out & Play?

Airdate: 1998-08-15 00:00:00

Runtime: 6 minutes

Genre(s): Animation, Comedy

Language(s): English


The Red Guy is depressed because no one will play with him. After seeing Cow has Crabs the Warthog, he wants to play with her because he has Crabs's doll house. When he askes to play with Cow, she tells him not if he was the last man on earth. With that he locks the entire world in a trailer, and is the last man standing: but Cow still won't play with him.

Cast 2
Charlie Adler - Cow (voice) / Chicken (voice) / The Red Guy (voice)
Candi Milo - Mom (voice)
Guest Stars 7
Teresa Ganzel
Candi Milo
Michael Dorn
Eddie Deezen
Tom Kenny
Dee Bradley Baker
Hadley Kay
Writing 1
Pilar Menendez - Writer
Production 4
Vincent Davis - Producer
Davis Doi - Producer
Larry Huber - Producer
Buzz Potamkin - Executive Producer
Network 1
Cartoon Network

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