Grace Under Fire (1993-1998)
Down in the Boondocks

Airdate: 1998-02-17 00:00:00

Runtime: 30 minutes

Rating(s): 9.1

Genre(s): Comedy

Language(s): English


At the pharmacy, Russell and D.C. get into a disagreement about a watch D.C. tries on that breaks before he has a chance to buy it. Grace runs into Bev, Quentin's girlfriend's mother, at the pharmacy. Bev tells her she's feeling suffocated in her marriage; being rich isn't that great. Grace has a hard time relating to Bev's problems. Grace is at home being driven crazy by Libby's trumpet practicing when Bev comes by and announces she'd like to stay with Grace for a while to get back to her middle class roots. Grace agrees to let her, though Quentin's upset to have to live under the same roof with his girlfriend's mother. It soon becomes clear that Bev is having as much trouble adapting to life at the Kellys as they are having her there. She takes two showers in the morning and depletes all the hot water and uses four towels a day. Grace thinks Bev could solve all her problems with an honest talk with her husband, but Bev disagrees. Grace takes Bev out to a bar to show her how dismal si

Cast 9
Brett Butler - Grace Kelly
Dave Thomas - Russell Norton
Casey Sander - Wade Swoboda
Kaitlin Cullum - Libby Kelly
Dylan Sprouse - Patrick Kelly
Cole Sprouse - Patrick Kelly
Geoff Pierson - Jimmy Kelly
Lauren Tom - Dot
Sam Horrigan - Quentin Kelly
Production 4
Chuck Lorre - Producer
Brett Butler - Producer
Tom Werner - Producer
Pat Bullard - Producer
Network 1

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