The Legend of Korra (2012-2014)

Status: Ended

Airdate: 2012-04-14

Runtime: 23 minutes

Rating(s): 8.4

Genre(s): Action & Adventure, Animation, Drama, Family, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Language(s): English


Avatar Korra, a headstrong, rebellious, feisty young woman who continually challenges and breaks with tradition, is on her quest to become a fully realized Avatar. In this story, the Avatar struggles to find balance within herself.

Episode Title Rating Airdate Skipped Watched
Normal Episodes 52
Season 1 12
Season 2 14
Season 3 13
Season 4 13
Specials 5
Cast 11
Janet Varney - Korra (voice)
David Faustino - Mako (voice)
J.K. Simmons - Tenzin (voice)
P. J. Byrne - Bolin (voice)
Seychelle Gabriel - Asami Sato (voice)
Kiernan Shipka - Jinora (voice)
Mindy Sterling - Lin Beifong (voice)
Darcy Rose Byrnes - Ikki (voice)
Dee Bradley Baker - Naga (voice)
Logan Wells - Meelo (voice)
Maria Bamford - Pema (voice)
Network 1

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