Embarrassing Bodies (2007- )
Back to the Clinic (10)

Runtime: 30 minutes

Genre(s): Documentary

Language(s): English


Stewart and Christine first stepped into the clinic with a combined weight of 52 stone; now they've had life-changing stomach surgery they return to see if they've lost weight. Dr Dawn meets Glen, who originally came into the clinic because his incredible 20 stone weight loss had left him with a large amount of excess skin. Glen used to feel that he was a prisoner in his own body, so will a procedure to remove the unwanted skin finally leave him feeling more positive? After three caesarean sections, 33-year-old Lynsey was left with a scar acting like a tight belt between an overhang of tummy and a bulge of fat in her pubic area, which made the most private of moments an embarrassing ordeal. Dr Christian advised her to see a hypnotherapist to lose more weight before having surgery, but has Lynsey regained her confidence? Meanwhile, Dr Pixie measures men's waists, and Dr Christian tests the relationship between erectile dysfunction and obesity with a sleep experiment.

Production 3
Sarah Eglin - Executive Producer
Steph Harris - Executive Producer
Dan Jones - Executive Producer
Network 1
Channel 4

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