Embarrassing Bodies (2007- )
Back To The Clinic

Airdate: 2011-04-08 20:00:00

Runtime: 30 minutes

Genre(s): Documentary

Language(s): English


When Maria first came visited the clinic in 2009 she was very embarrassed about the excess hair she had developed on her face and back. However, this was not just a physical problem for Maria, as this embarrassing hair growth has caused her problems at school and had severely knocked her confidence. After Dr Pixie referred Maria to a specialist, she found out that she had polycystic ovary syndrome, a condition that needs to be controlled with medication for life. Thankful that the cause had finally been identified, Maria was still anxious to have her hair removed as quickly as possible whilst waiting for her treatment to take effect. She was treated with a series of laser treatments to remove the hair and to stop it from growing back, and over a year later the results are amazing. She is now a lot more confident and now feels she can talk to people without feeling embarrassed. 5% of men are more likely to check symptoms that are worrying them on the internet, than they are going to their GP. Thankfully, Ed put aside his embarrassment to see Dr Christian at the clinic with his penis problem. After losing 19 and a half stone in weight, Ed had been suffering from a buried penis which made having sex and going to the loo very problematic. After seeing a surgeon, Ed had the excess skin removed from around his penis and 6 months later, he is visiting Dr Christian to give him an update on his condition. Ed is very happy with the results, and his confidence has 100% improved. But Ed is still having problems with his penis after his operation which he would like sorted out. Ed is having problems when he has an erection due to the tight skin around his penis. Dr Christian identifies the cause of this as the scarring Ed has from his previous tummy tuck which has caused the skin to tighten. Dr Christian advises more surgery to address this problem, but stresses that although this is a routine procedure there are always risks involved with any operation, so any decision has to be thought through carefully. To help women get their breast troubles off their chest, Dr Dawn and Dr Pixie set up a special breast awareness mobile clinic. Leah visited the clinic about the discharge and pain in her breast and although Dr Pixie said this blockage was not cancerous, Leah was absolutely right to get it checked out. Breast cancer comes in many forms with the symptoms varying from woman to woman. The main symptoms of breast cancer are lumps, orange peel skin and inverted nipples but any changes in your breast should be looked at. 1 in 8 women are likely to develop breast cancer, and these figures are on the rise so it is important to self check regularly and go to your doctor early if you have any concerns Prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer in men in the UK. When Richard came to see Dr Christian he had just been diagnosed. After having a case of prostatitis, Richard’s doctors found out that he had prostate cancer despite displaying no symptoms of the disease. A few weeks after seeing Dr Christian, Richard had key-hole surgery to remove his prostate and after the analysis on his prostate, he was told that his cancer has not grown outside the prostate. 15 months later, he visits Dr Christian again to tell him that he has been suffering from erectile dysfunction and incontinence after his surgery. But with this operation, it can take up to two years to fully recover, so with time and patience Richard should see an improvement in these symptoms.

Production 3
Sarah Eglin - Executive Producer
Steph Harris - Executive Producer
Dan Jones - Executive Producer
Network 1
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