Embarrassing Bodies (2007- )
Back to the Clinic - Tubular breasts

Airdate: 2010-09-24 20:00:00

Runtime: 30 minutes

Genre(s): Documentary

Language(s): English


Jane was upset with her asymmetric and droopy breasts and Dr Dawn diagnoses a condition called tuberous breasts, where the breasts appear to be far apart and unusually shaped. Dr Dawn sends Jane to specialist Mr. Patrick Mallucci who decides that surgery would be a viable, effective solution to Jane’s condition. The operation is complex and involves several stages, including the reshaping of the breasts and the insertion of silicon implants. After 4 and half hours Jane’s operation is declared a success and she returns to Dr Dawn to discuss the results. Visibly thrilled with the outcome Jane’s breasts are healing fast and display a marked improvement in symmetry and shape.

Production 3
Sarah Eglin - Executive Producer
Steph Harris - Executive Producer
Dan Jones - Executive Producer
Network 1
Channel 4

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