Embarrassing Bodies (2007- )
Back to the Clinic 2

Airdate: 2009-06-17 20:00:00

Runtime: 30 minutes

Genre(s): Documentary

Language(s): English


The doctors are back in the clinic to check-up on some of the most interesting cases that they’ve encountered over the past 2 years. Dr Dawn asks Scotsman John back to the clinic to update her on progress with his treatment for the disfiguring condition Acne Keloidalis. It had left John with painful nodules on the back of his head and some severe scarring, forcing him to not go out in public without a baseball cap. Thanks to some extensive treatment from Consultant Dermatologist Dr Sunil Chopra, John’s condition has improved beyond all recognition, leaving him with a full head of hair and brimming with confidence. Confidence, or lack of it, was what drove 16-year old Nathan to visit the EB clinic with some severe pubescent acne. With home treatments not proving effective, Dr Dawn referred Nathan for hydra-dermabrasion, a procedure that removes impurities and lessens the scarring caused by acne. Following treatment Nathan’s acne: has improved dramatically, ensuring that he can hopefully avoid the painful physical and emotional scarring that it can cause, something that another of Dawn’s patient, Haileigh, knows about only too well. Haileigh has suffered with severe acne for 28 years and it has left her with deep, pitted scars all over her face. After over a year of intensive skin treatment, including lazer resurfacing and dermal injections, Haileigh is showing considerable signs of improvement. A patient whose life has been totally changed by her treatment by the Embarrassing Bodies Doctors was Dionne, who arrived in the clinic with a mystery skin condition that numerous specialists had failed to diagnose. Dr Harper suspected that it was a condition called Ichthyosis, where her skin was becoming dry, scaly and cracked. Having treated her condition with a prepared solution of Cetraben, Culmurid & Eucerin, combined with wrapping in cling film, Dionne is problem free and only occasionally has to repeat the treatment to prevent future flare-ups. Dr Christian also catches up with Anna, who came to the clinic with extremely deflated breasts following her pregnancy. With her confidence low Dr Christian sent her for a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon to discuss a breast augmentation operation. Having decided to go ahead with the surgery, Anna returns to the clinic to report that her confidence has skyrocketed since the operation, making the extensive surgical risks worthwhile on this occasion. Another patient who’s back in the clinic is Pamela, who came to see Dr Christian with stress incontinence, a very common problem that affects millions of women in the UK. Pamela’s case was extremely severe, so Dr Christian recommended a botox treatment that would treat, though not cure, her overactive bladder. Having successfully undergone the treatment, Pamela returns to let Christian know how she’s been getting on, and though the results were not permanent, she has seen a massive improvement. 34-year old Sophia came to the clinic with a skin condition that Dr Pixie diagnosed as hyper-pigmentation caused by excessive hair growth. Having undergone lazer treatment and glycolic peeling, Sophia returns to the clinic to show a marked improvement in the colour and severity of her condition. Finally, Dr Christian sees a patient who decided to undergo a testicle implant operation to balance out his balls after losing one of them to testicular cancer, and also caught up with 13-year old Anthony, who was suffering with gynaecomastia, brought on by puberty and some excess weight. Dr Christian is delighted to see that Anthony has shed over 2 stone in weight, and is well on the way to getting his problem off his chest.

Production 3
Sarah Eglin - Executive Producer
Steph Harris - Executive Producer
Dan Jones - Executive Producer
Network 1
Channel 4

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