Bob's Burgers (2011- )
A River Runs Through Bob

Airdate: 2013-09-29 00:00:00

Runtime: 21 minutes

Rating(s): 7.9

Genre(s): Animation, Comedy

Language(s): English


Bob, Linda and the kids go on a camping adventure and face the perils of nature...and Bob's intestines. Braving wild river rapids, eager squirrels and parent/child separation, the Belchers prove they are worth their mettle.

Cast 5
H. Jon Benjamin - Bob Belcher (voice)
Kristen Schaal - Louise Belcher (voice)
Eugene Mirman - Gene Belcher (voice)
John Roberts - Linda Belcher (voice)
Dan Mintz - Tina Belcher (voice)
Production 8
Loren Bouchard - Executive Producer
Kit Boss - Producer
Dan Fybel - Producer
Rich Rinaldi - Producer
Gregory Thompson - Producer
Jon Schroeder - Producer
Nora Smith - Producer
Jim Dauterive - Executive Producer
Network 1

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