Space Island One (1998)

Status: Ended

Airdate: 1998-01-07

Runtime: 45 minutes

Genre(s): Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Drama

Language(s): English


Space Island One is a British/German science fiction television series that ran for 26 episodes beginning in 1998. A co-production between the UK's Sky One channel and the German Vox channel, it starred Judy Loe as Kathryn McTiernan, the commander of the multinational crew of the space station Unity. Described as “a mix of Moonbase 3 and Jupiter Moon, but more turgid than either, other sources describe it as "The best science fiction show you've never heard of… The show unflinchingly looks at the implications of for-profit science… and provides the most realistic look ever at life in space, including bone-mass loss. A few episodes are dull, but the show is often surprisingly weird and fun… It also features some of the most complex, believable characters of any television show". Apart from the show's creator, Andrew MacLear, other script-writers for the show included well known TV writer P. J. Hammond, acclaimed science fiction novelist Stephen Baxter and young adult writer Andrew Lane.

Cast 4
Indra Ové - Paula Hernandez
Judy Loe - Cmdr. Kathryn McTiernan
Angus MacInnes - Lt. Cmdr. Walter B. Shannon
Julia Bremermann - Henrietta 'Harry' Eschenbach
Network 1
Sky One

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