Andromeda (2000-2005)
The Leper's Kiss

Airdate: 2002-11-10 23:00:00

Runtime: 45 minutes

Genre(s): Action & Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Language(s): English


Dylan sets out to find an assassin known as The Leper who is trying to kill his good friend.

Cast 6
Kevin Sorbo - Dylan Hunt
Lisa Ryder - Beka Valentine
Laura Bertram - Trance Gemini
Gordon Michael Woolvett - Seamus Harper
Lexa Doig - Andromeda Ascendant
Keith Hamilton Cobb - Tyr Anasazi
Guest Stars 9
Sarah Deakins - Sasha
Alan C. Peterson - Bodey Gunyon
Michael Hogan - Crescent
Greg Kean - Man-Ka-Lupe
Dan Pelchat - The Leper
Shannon Tuer - Woman with The Leper
Ted Kozma - Alien
Sean Murty - Tough Guy
Norm Sherry - Guard
Production 4
Majel Barrett - Producer
Robert Hewitt Wolfe - Producer
Kevin Sorbo - Producer
Allan Eastman - Producer
Network 1
Global TV

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