Andromeda (2000-2005)
Vault of the Heavens

Airdate: 2003-04-06 22:00:00

Runtime: 45 minutes

Genre(s): Action & Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Language(s): English


After receiving a message from an unknown planet 3 days in Slipstream away, the crew of the Andromeda take it upon themselves to save the people. The strange thing is that the message is a woman and it is going directly into Dylans head and no-one else can hear it. As they enter the ice moon of one of the planets, they come upon the Vault of the Heavens. A large palace made of ice. in discovering this the comm is cut and on Dylan's orders, Try destroys an energy cloud above the planet. After discovering that the aliens mean no harm, Dylan finds out that they need the cloud, or the entire species will die! Will they be able to return the cloud before the time runs out?

Cast 6
Kevin Sorbo - Dylan Hunt
Lisa Ryder - Beka Valentine
Laura Bertram - Trance Gemini
Gordon Michael Woolvett - Seamus Harper
Lexa Doig - Andromeda Ascendant
Keith Hamilton Cobb - Tyr Anasazi
Guest Stars 2
Aleks Paunovic - Agio
Helene Joy - Alien Queen
Production 4
Majel Barrett - Producer
Robert Hewitt Wolfe - Producer
Kevin Sorbo - Producer
Allan Eastman - Producer
Network 1
Global TV

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