I Was a Sixth Grade Alien (1999-2001)

Status: Ended

Airdate: 1999-07-13

Runtime: 30 minutes

Language(s): English


I Was a Sixth Grade Alien was a British/Australian/Canadian live-action/comedy television show following the chronicles of Pleskit, a purple skinned, blue haired alien with an antenna positioned on his head. He tries to fit in and make some friends but due to his strange appearance he doesn't succeed very well. He does make one friend, Tim, who is interested in space and aliens. The two friends go through the sixth grade together. During the series they solve many unusual problems, from a trans-universal portal game to a blue, crying pig creature from Pleskit's home planet. The show started on July 13, 1999 and ended on January 10, 2001 and was produced by Winklemania Productions and Alliance Atlantis Communications' children's unit, AAC Kids.

Episode Title Rating Airdate Skipped Watched
Normal Episodes 43
Season 1 22
Season 2 21
Cast 11
Ryan Cooley
Michael Cera - Larrabe Hicks
Lauren Collins
Julian Richings
Daniel Clark
Al Mukaddam
Shadia Simmons
Kyle Schmid
C. David Johnson
Gina Clayton
Network 1

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