The Julekalender (1994)

Status: Ended

Airdate: 1994-12-01

Runtime: 12 minutes

Rating(s): 7.8

Genre(s): Comedy, Family


The Julekalender is a Norwegian Christmas season television series produced by and starring Travellin' Strawberrys in collaboration with Saks Film and Entertainment and TV 2, 1994. Around 400,000 viewers followed the series in December 1994, and it has since been broadcast anew in 1996, 2003, 2008 and 2012. It was based on the Danish series The Julekalender from 1991, which also inspired a Finnish version in 1997. The original concept and script of the series, as well as its numerous songs came from the Danish trio of De Nattergale. The characters spoke Norwenglish, a pidgin of English and Norwegian. The series consisted of 24 episodes, and its production crew came from Trondheim, Norway.

Cast 4
Arve Opsahl - Good Old Gammel Nok
Tore Johansen - Gjertrud Sand / Hansi
Erling Mylius - Benny Jensen / Fritz
Ivar Gafseth - Olaf Sand / Gynter
Production 1
Hans-Erik Saks - Producer
Network 1
TV 2

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