Home Sweet Home (1980-1982)

Status: Ended

Airdate: 1980-10-06

Runtime: 30 minutes

Genre(s): Comedy, Family

Language(s): English


Home Sweet Home is an Australian comedy television series created by Vince Powell and produced by Michael Mills, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Thames Television starring John Bluthal as Enzo Pacelli, a ham-fisted Italian immigrant taxi driver keen to champion his Italian values while his three Australian-educated children embrace the culture of their adopted country.

Cast 7
John Bluthal - Enzo Pacelli
Arianthe Galani - Maria Pacelli
Christopher Bell - Bobby Pacelli
Maria Rosa Cerizza - Sofia Pacelli
Carmen Tanti - Anna Pacelli
Miles Buchanan - Tony Pacelli
Edmund Pegge - Father Murphy
Production 1
Michael Mills - Producer
Writing 5
Ian Heydon - Writer
Ralph W. Peterson - Writer
Charles Stamp - Writer
David Dominic - Writer
Hugh Stuckey - Writer
Sound 1
William Motzing - Music
Network 1

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