Arrow (2012-2020)
Green Arrow & The Canaries

Airdate: 2020-01-21 00:00:00

Runtime: 42 minutes

Genre(s): Crime, Drama, Mystery, Action & Adventure

Language(s): English


It’s the year 2040 in Star City and Mia Queen has everything she could have ever wanted. However, when Laurel and Dinah suddenly show up in her life again, things take a shocking turn and her perfect world is upended. Laurel and Dinah are tracking a kidnapping victim with direct ties to Mia and they need her help. Knowing it will change everything, Mia can’t help but be a hero and she, Laurel and Dinah suit up once again to save the city.

Cast 9
Stephen Amell - Oliver Queen
David Ramsey - John Diggle / Spartan
Katie Cassidy - Laurel Lance / Black Canary
Rick Gonzalez - Rene Ramirez / Wild Dog
Juliana Harkavy - Dinah Drake / Black Canary
Ben Lewis - William "Will" Clayton
Katherine McNamara - Mia Smoak / Blackstar
LaMonica Garrett - Mar Novu / The Monitor
Joseph David-Jones - Connor Hawke
Guest Stars 11
Raigan Harris - Bianca Bertinelli
Charlie Barnett - John Diggle Jr.
Andrea Sixtos - Zoe Ramirez
Chad Duell - Trevor
Kimi Alexander - Friend
Marcus Aurelio - Bouncer
Navid Charkhi - Bartender
James Drew Dean - Logan Bertinelli
Drummond Macdougall - Victor Bertinelli
Camille Mitchell - Maria Bertinelli
Carolyn Tinglin - Amara Scott
Network 1
The CW

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