Tropical Heat (1991-1993)

Status: Ended

Airdate: 1991-04-07

Runtime: 1 hour

Genre(s): Action & Adventure, Drama, Comedy

Language(s): English


Tropical Heat is a Canadian action series The plot revolves around private investigator, ex-DEA agent Nick Slaughter who after arriving in the fictional resort town of Key Mariah, Florida and setting up a detective agency there, met up with local tourist agent Sylvie Girard to solve a variety of different cases.

Episode Title Rating Airdate Skipped Watched
Normal Episodes 65
Season 1 8
Season 2 21
Season 3 36
Cast 5
Ari Sorko-Ram - Sgt. Gregory
Alon Nashman - Rollie
Rob Stewart - Nick Slaughter
Carolyn Dunn - Sylvie Girard
Ian Tracey - Spider Garvin
Network 1

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