P.S. I Luv U (1991-1992)

Status: Ended

Airdate: 1991-09-15

Runtime: 1 hour

Genre(s): Crime, Drama

Language(s): English


P.S. I Luv U is an American crime drama series that aired on CBS as a part of its 1991-92 schedule. The title derived from the phone number of fictitious Palm Security and Investigations, which was 774-5888, which can be reached by dialing "PSI-LUVU" on a standard North American telephone.

Cast 4
Connie Sellecca - Dani Powell
Greg Evigan - Cody Powell
Earl Holliman - Matthew Durning
Lisa Canning - Dori
Production 2
Glen A. Larson - Producer
Gail Morgan Hickman - Producer
Network 1

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