Suddenly Susan (1996-2000)
Merry Ex-Mas

Airdate: 1998-12-14 00:00:00

Runtime: 30 minutes

Rating(s): 7.7

Genre(s): Comedy

Language(s): English, Spanish, Czech


Susan is distraught because she kissed the realtor, and asks Luis to help her make things up with Jack. Jack spends the night with another woman, and when Luis arrives, agonizes whether to tell Susan: Luis advises against. Maddy goes to a party in a $3000 dress. Todd dates the female cantor from Ben's temple, who expresses herself in such a vocal manner that she loses her voice by the end of the evening, causing Vicki to become distraught, as a TV crew is coming to film the cantor. Meanwhile, Maddy suffers a dramatic allergic reaction to the food at the party that causes her to bloat enormously, and stretch the dress so much she can't take it back to the shop as she was planning. Jack eventually decides he has to tell Susan, and she reluctantly decides they should end their relationship.

Cast 14
Andrea Bendewald - Maddy Piper
Barbara Barrie - Nana
Judd Nelson - Jack Richmond
Brooke Shields - Susan Keane
Kathy Griffin - Vicki Groener
Nestor Carbonell - Luis Rivera
Ali Larter - Maddie
Joan Rivers - Edie
Sherri Shepherd - Miranda Charles
Rob Estes
David Strickland
Lindze Letherman
Currie Graham
Eric Idle
Production 1
Dan O'Shannon - Producer
Network 1

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