Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted (2012)

Release Date: 2012-06-06

Runtime: 1 hour and 33 minutes

Rating(s): 6.8 / 60

Genre(s): Animation, Family, Comedy, Adventure

Language(s): English


Animal pals Alex, Marty, Melman, and Gloria are still trying to make it back to New York's Central Park Zoo. They are forced to take a detour to Europe to find the penguins and chimps who broke the bank at a Monte Carlo casino. When French animal-control officer Capitaine Chantel DuBois picks up their scent, Alex and company are forced to hide out in a traveling circus.

Cast 27
Ben Stiller - Alex (voice)
Chris Rock - Marty (voice)
David Schwimmer - Melman (voice)
Jada Pinkett Smith - Gloria (voice)
Frances McDormand - Captain Chantel DuBois (voice)
Sacha Baron Cohen - King Julien XIII (voice)
Andy Richter - Mort (voice)
Cedric the Entertainer - Maurice (voice)
Jessica Chastain - Gia (voice)
John DiMaggio - Rico (voice)
Bryan Cranston - Vitaly (voice)
Martin Short - Stefano (voice)
Paz Vega - Carmen (voice)
Frank Welker - Sonya (voice)
Tom McGrath - Skipper / First Policeman (voice)
Chris Miller - Kowalski (voice)
Christopher Knights - Private (voice)
Conrad Vernon - Mason / Second Policeman (voice)
Vinnie Jones - Freddie the Dog (voice)
Steve Jones - Jonesy the Dog (voice)
Nick Fletcher - Frankie the Dog (voice)
Danny Jacobs - Croupier / Circus Master (voice)
Dan O'Connor - Casino Security / Mayor of New York City (voice)
Eric Darnell - Comandante / Zoo Official / Zoo Announcer (voice)
Stephen Kearin - Fourth Policeman (voice)
Emily Nordwind - Zoo Official (voice)
Asucena Jimenez - Kid in Crowd (voice)
Sound 34
Hans Zimmer - Original Music Composer
Dennis Leonard - Supervising Sound Editor
Kevin Kaska - Orchestrator
Rick Giovinazzo - Orchestrator
Sheila E. - Musician
Bruce White - Musician
Aleksey Igudesman - Musician
Sean England - Foley
Slamm Andrews - Music Editor
Will Files - Sound Designer
Will Files - Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Richard Quinn - Dialogue Editor
Jeremy Bowker - Sound Effects Editor
Frank Ricotti - Musician
Mac Smith - Sound Effects Editor
Gary Summers - Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Walt Fowler - Orchestrator
Dustin Cawood - Sound Effects Editor
Ronni Brown - Foley
Ladd McIntosh - Orchestrator
Mark Berrow - Musician
Jonathan Evans-Jones - Musician
Steve Mair - Musician
Andrii Trifonov - Sound Recordist
Rachel Bolt - Musician
Roger Linley - Musician
Paul Clarvis - Musician
Yvonne S. Moriarty - Orchestrator
Jonathan Williams - Musician
Tom Pigott Smith - Musician
Gary Kettel - Musician
Dan Newell - Musician
Ian Thomas - Musician
Ed Neumeister - Orchestrator
Writing 4
Noah Baumbach - Screenplay
Mark Burton - Characters
Eric Darnell - Screenplay
Tom McGrath - Characters
Visual Effects 97
Geefwee Boedoe - Additional Effects Development
Kevin Andrus - Animation
Chris Bancroft - Animation
Goro Fujita - Visual Development
Travis Koller - Visual Development
Bryan Gregg LaShelle - Visual Development
John Allwine - Visual Effects
Stevie Lewis - Visual Development
Nishant Khanna - Visual Effects
James Wood Wilson - Visual Development
Mike Safianoff - Animation
Jason Spencer Galsworthy - Lead Animator
Peer Lemmers - Animation
Sam Michlap - Visual Development
John P. Rand - Modeling
Nelson Brown - Animation
Mariko Hoshi - Animation
Craig Kellman - Character Designer
Dane Stogner - Animation
Andrew Wheeler - VFX Artist
Mark Theriault - Visual Effects
Angela Ensele - Modeling
Phil Zucco - Modeling
Rani Naamani - Animation
David Spivack - Animation
Mahesh Ramasubramanian - Visual Effects Supervisor
Steve McGrath - Modeling
Ryan Gong - Animation
Lance Fite - Animation
Dave Strick - Visual Effects
Tomoyuki Harashima - Animation
Ron Pucherelli - Animation
Kyle Maxwell - Visual Effects
Ben Sutherland - VFX Artist
Benjamin Andersen - VFX Artist
Greg Beckman - VFX Artist
N. Joseph Burnette - VFX Artist
Stephen Timothy Cooney - VFX Artist
Robert Kopinsky - VFX Artist
Lana Chen Sun - VFX Artist
Katie Van Maanen - VFX Artist
Lou Dellarosa - Animation
Scott Lafleur - Animation
Ardie Johnson - Modeling
Karen L. Whitaker - Animation Department Coordinator
Sujit Chatterjee - Animation
Rajesh P.K. - Animation
David Hubert - Lead Animator
Jeffrey Joe - Animation
Sebastien Wojda - Animation
Rachel Fite - Animation
Marty Havran - Modeling
Fangwei Lee - Visual Effects
Shiben Bhattacharjee - VFX Artist
Robyne Powell - Animation
Nathan Wall - Animation
Bailey Brent - Animation
Ross Burgess - Animation
Ramakrishna Yerramsetty - VFX Artist
Sean Mahoney - Animation
Guillermo Careaga - Animation
Alexander Fleisig - Animation
Mark Roennigke - Animation
Cory Rogers - Animation
Kenard Pak - Visual Development
Alex Patanjo - VFX Artist
George Meppadath Kurian - Animation
Anisha Gupta - VFX Artist
Nedy Acet - Animation
Teju Aloysius - Animation
Renjith Chundakkad - Animation
Maciek Gliwa - Animation
Shajo John - Animation
Maharshi Joseph - Animation
Chris Kirshbaum - Animation
Manish Kumar - Animation
Roy Margalit - Animation
Prasanjib Nag - Animation
Laure Retif - Animation
Aljo Thomas - Animation
Riyad C.M. - Animation Supervisor
Nideep Varghese - Animation Supervisor
Armando Sepulveda - Modeling
Chin Ko - Visual Development
Erwin Madrid - Visual Development
Lindsey Olivares - Visual Development
Yash Agrawal - Visual Effects
Madhavaro Bheesetti - Visual Effects
Yiqun Chen - Visual Effects
Jacob K. Melvin - Visual Effects
Vikas Chandel - VFX Artist
Carl Kaphan - VFX Artist
Rahul Nair - VFX Artist
Dhruva Pathak - VFX Artist
Shanmuga Raja - VFX Artist
Nikhil Sinha - VFX Artist
Sarah Jane Chin - Visual Effects Coordinator
Production 60
Leslee Feldman - Casting
Chad Hammes - Line Producer
Mireille Soria - Producer
James Beshears - Executive In Charge Of Post Production
Emily Nordwind - Production Supervisor
Christi Soper - Casting
Yimi Tong - Production Coordinator
Bonnie Lemon - Executive In Charge Of Production
Camille Leganza - Production Supervisor
Tripp Hudson - Executive In Charge Of Production
Mollie Gamo - Casting Assistant
Caroline Robinson - Production Coordinator
Tracey Dispensa - Production Supervisor
Holly Edwards - Associate Producer
Beth Hofer - Executive In Charge Of Production
Betty Tom - Production Accountant
Vicki Hunter - Finance
Ariga Parseghian - Finance
Terri Anderson - Finance
Swetha Madhavan - Production Coordinator
Nandhini Giri - Production Coordinator
Lauren Blackshear - Production Coordinator
Deepak Kumar - Production Coordinator
Tim Kwan - Production Coordinator
Cathy Sitzes - Production Coordinator
Rachnatp - Production Supervisor
Cindy Azada Whitman - Production Supervisor
David Hail - Publicist
Dawn Yamada - Production Supervisor
Darci Zalvin - Executive In Charge Of Production
Aubrey Millen - Production Coordinator
Sumit Verma - Production Coordinator
Dinesh Krishnan Nair - Production Manager
Milind D. Shinde - Production Manager
Aditya Deosthale - Production Supervisor
Laura C. Bowers - Production Coordinator
Claudia Southmartin - Production Manager
Mark Swift - Producer
Christine Nguyen - Production Supervisor
Stephanie Huber - Production Coordinator
Meredith Narrowe - Production Supervisor
Ryan Genji Thomas - Production Supervisor
Jannette Eng - Production Supervisor
Judah Mambu - Production Coordinator
Casey Sword - Production Coordinator
Victor Fuste - Production Coordinator
Cate Celso - Production Coordinator
Allie Habeeb - Production Coordinator
Allie Habeeb - Production Coordinator
Monalisa Kar - Production Coordinator
Shashank Ashok Kulkarni - Production Coordinator
Jonathan B. Lee - Production Coordinator
Kyle Milardo - Production Coordinator
Eric Michael Miller - Production Coordinator
Stephanie Quan - Production Coordinator
Bobbak Sabet - Production Coordinator
Ben Zaehringer - Production Coordinator
Philip M. Cohen - Production Supervisor
David Edmunds - Production Supervisor
Rakesh S. Patil - Production Supervisor
Directing 3
Conrad Vernon - Director
Eric Darnell - Director
Tom McGrath - Director
Editing 4
Jim Passon - Color Timer
Nick Fletcher - Editor
Peter Ettinger - First Assistant Editor
Nathan Schauf - First Assistant Editor
Crew 37
Junkie XL - Additional Music
Lorne Balfe - Additional Music
Mark Donald - Supervising Animator
Tiffany Hillkurtz - Second Film Editor
Elizabeth Himelstein - Dialect Coach
Kevin Crandell - Visual Effects Editor
Morgan R. Kelly - Supervising Animator
Greg Lev - CG Supervisor
Aaron Smith - CG Supervisor
Ken Ball - CG Supervisor
Ronman Yiu Yan Ng - CG Supervisor
Geoff Foster - Score Engineer
Carlos Fernandez Puertolas - Supervising Animator
Gabriel Portnof - CG Supervisor
Milton E. Rodriguez-Rios - CG Supervisor
Cassidy Curtis - Supervising Animator
Bart Feliciano - Systems Administrators & Support
John O'Sullivan - Systems Administrators & Support
David Torres - Supervising Animator
Nishok Alagesan - Compositors
Alex Cardullo - Post Production Assistant
Brent Villalobos - Software Engineer
Margaret A. Decker - Software Engineer
Rain Angeles - Systems Administrators & Support
Gaku Nakatani - CG Supervisor
Jason Ryan - Supervising Animator
Kyle Goins - Legal Services
Mona Shokrai - Legal Services
Alissa Rowinsky Wright - Legal Services
David Yanover - Post Production Supervisor
Bryce McGovern - Supervising Animator
Taryn Feingold - Actor's Assistant
Monica Dejbakhsh - Legal Services
Igor Lodeiro - CG Supervisor
Laura Gorenstein Miller - Choreographer
Erin Lehmkühl - Compositors
Josh Wood - Post Production Assistant
Art 6
Shannon Jeffries - Art Direction
Carlos Zaragoza - Set Designer
Kendal Cronkhite - Production Design
Ariandy Chandra - Title Designer
Yoriko Ito - Production Illustrator
Mary Grace Hartline - Art Department Assistant
Lighting 18
James Sathre - Lighting Technician
Onny P. Carr - Lighting Artist
Dorien Gunnels - Lighting Artist
Linhan Li - Lighting Artist
Javed Iqbal Shaikh - Lighting Artist
Sharanya Viswamani - Lighting Artist
Adarsh Abraham - Lighting Artist
Kirsten Drummond - Lighting Artist
Oth Khotsimeuang - Lighting Artist
Jennifer Leigh King - Lighting Artist
Nitin Punchail - Lighting Artist
Afonso Salcedo - Lighting Artist
Hannah Sherman - Lighting Artist
Shane Glading - Lighting Artist
Stanley Kwong - Lighting Artist
Anisha Gupta - Lighting Artist
Sahaya Ramesh Bosco - Lighting Artist
Ajay Upadhyay - Lighting Artist
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