Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

Release Date: 2015-05-13

Runtime: 2 hours and 1 minute

Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Science Fiction

Language(s): en


An apocalyptic story set in the furthest reaches of our planet, in a stark desert landscape where humanity is broken, and most everyone is crazed fighting for the necessities of life. Within this world exist two rebels on the run who just might be able to restore order.

Cast 59
Tom Hardy - Max Rockatansky
Charlize Theron - Imperator Furiosa
Nicholas Hoult - Nux
Hugh Keays-Byrne - Immortan Joe
Josh Helman - Slit
Nathan Jones - Rictus Erectus
Zoë Kravitz - Toast the Knowing
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley - The Splendid Angharad
Riley Keough - Capable
Abbey Lee - The Dag
Courtney Eaton - Cheedo the Fragile
John Howard - The People Eater
Richard Carter - The Bullet Farmer
Iota - The Doof Warrior
Angus Sampson - The Organic Mechanic
Jennifer Hagan - Miss Giddy
Megan Gale - The Valkyrie
Melissa Jaffer - Keeper of the Seeds
Melita Jurišić - The Vuvalini
Gillian Jones - The Vuvalini
Joy Smithers - The Vuvalini
Antoinette Kellerman - The Vuvalini
Christina Koch - The Vuvalini
Jon Iles - The Ace
Quentin Kenihan - Corpus Colossus
Coco Jack Gillies - Glory the Child
Chris Patton - Morsov
Stephen Dunlevy - The Rock Rider Chief / The Winchman
Richard Norton - The Prime Imperator
Vince Roxburgh - Imperator
John Walton - Imperator
Ben Smith-Petersen - Chanting War Boy / Red Flare Warrior
Russ McCarroll - Blood 'Shed' War Boy
Judd Wild - War Rig War Boy
Elizabeth Cunico - Milking Mother
Greg Van Borssum - Ripsaw Imperator / The Breakman
Rob Jones - Ripsaw Driver
Sebastian Dickins - Polecat Lookout
Darren Mitchell - Black Mask
Crusoe Kurddal - The Accusing Dead
Shyan Tonga - The Accusing Dead
Cass Comerford - The Wretched
Albert Lee - The Wretched
Ripley Voeten - War Pup
Riley Paton - War Pup
Maycn Van Borssum - War Pup
Hunter Stratton Boland - War Pup
Nathan Jenkins - War Pup
Fletcher Gill - War Pup
Whiley Toll - War Pup
Ferdinand Hengombe - Drummer
Gadaffi Davsab - Drummer
Noddy Alfred - Drummer
Jackson Hengombe - Drummer
Christian Fane - Drummer
Callum Gallagher - Drummer
Abel Hofflin - Drummer
Lee Perry - The Many Voices (voice)
Hiroshi Kasuga - The Wretched (uncredited)
Writing 3
Nick Lathouris - Writer
George Miller - Writer
Brendan McCarthy - Writer
Directing 3
George Miller - Director
P.J. Voeten - Assistant Director
Sophie Fabbri-Jackson - Script Supervisor
Production 15
Doug Mitchell - Producer
George Miller - Producer
P.J. Voeten - Producer
Nikki Barrett - Casting
Ronna Kress - Casting
Kate Dowd - Casting
Mito Skellern - Casting
Bruce Berman - Executive Producer
Graham Burke - Executive Producer
Christopher DeFaria - Executive Producer
Genevieve Hofmeyr - Supervising Producer
Steven Mnuchin - Executive Producer
Iain Smith - Executive Producer
Sally French - Supervising Producer
Courtenay Valenti - Executive Producer
Visual Effects 10
Pablo Calvillo - Visual Effects
Nicholas Tripodi - Animation
Aaron Parry - Visual Effects Producer
Mahiro Maeda - Animation
Andrew Jackson - Visual Effects Supervisor
Tom Wood - Visual Effects Supervisor
Dan Oliver - Special Effects Supervisor
Andy Thomas - Special Effects Supervisor
Andy Williams - Visual Effects Supervisor
David Cunningham - Visual Effects Technical Director
Crew 14
Brian N. Bentley - Compositors
Chris O'Connell - Compositors
Andrew Orlando - Property Master
Keir Beck - Stunt Coordinator
Shane Koyczan - Thanks
Tim Ridge - Thanks
Dean Semler - Thanks
Judd Wild - Stunts
Justin Ferk - Production Office Assistant
Jim Wilkey - Stunts
Matt Town - Post Production Supervisor
Reon Van Der Watt - Stunts
Genevieve Aitken - Stunts
Mike Duncan - Utility Stunts
Camera 10
John Seale - Director of Photography
Peter Belcher - Camera Operator
Simon Harding - Camera Operator
Luca Mercuri - Camera Operator
Daniel Nichols - Camera Operator
Richard Roles - Helicopter Camera
Mark Goellnicht - Steadicam Operator
Jasin Boland - Still Photographer
Sven Vosloo - Additional Photography
David Burr - Second Unit Director of Photography
Costume & Make-Up 11
Jenny Beavan - Costume Design
Mel Dykes - Costume Supervisor
Charl Boettger - Set Costumer
Amanda Enders - Set Costumer
Catherine Biggs - Hairstylist
Marli Kruger - Makeup Artist
Eva Franzen - Prosthetic Supervisor
Lesley Vanderwalt - Hair Designer
Lesley Vanderwalt - Makeup Designer
Elka Wardega - Prosthetic Makeup Artist
Damian Martin - Prosthetic Supervisor
Art 14
Shira Hockman - Art Direction
Jacinta Leong - Art Direction
Colin Gibson - Production Design
Katie Sharrock - Set Decoration
Lisa Thompson - Set Decoration
Vanessa Younger - Art Department Coordinator
Andrew Chan - Assistant Art Director
Christo Strydom - Art Department Coordinator
Erica Van Den Raad - Construction Coordinator
Aaron Beck - Conceptual Design
Kristen Anderson - Set Designer
Charlie Revai - Supervising Art Director
Richard Hobbs - Supervising Art Director
Nicki Gardiner - Set Decoration
Lighting 2
Shaun Conway - Gaffer
Paul Johnstone - Gaffer
Editing 6
Danielle Wiessner - Dialogue Editor
Ines Richter - Dialogue Editor
Yulia Akerholt - Dialogue Editor
Sonal Joshi - Dialogue Editor
Margaret Sixel - Editor
Justin Ngy Tran - Digital Intermediate
Sound 29
Junkie XL - Music
John Simpson - Foley
Gregg Rudloff - Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Christopher S. Aud - Sound Designer
Phil Barrie - Sound Effects Editor
Cate Cahill - Sound Effects Editor
Nigel Christensen - Sound Effects Editor
Jared Dwyer - Sound Effects Editor
Greg P. Fitzgerald - Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Mario Gabrieli - Sound Effects Editor
Scott Hecker - Supervising Sound Editor
Chris Jenkins - Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Rick Lisle - Sound Effects Editor
Mark A. Mangini - Supervising Sound Editor
Steve Maslow - Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Chuck Michael - Sound Designer
Andrew Miller - Sound Effects Editor
Emma Mitchell - Sound Effects Editor
Michael W. Mitchell - Sound Effects Editor
Sarath G. Mohan - Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Stuart Morton - Sound Effects Editor
Wayne Pashley - Supervising Sound Editor
Peter Purcell - Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Fabian Sanjurjo - Sound Effects Editor
Julian Slater - Sound Designer
Alicia Slusarski - Sound Effects Editor
Chris Ward - Sound Editor
David White - Sound Designer
Ben Osmo - Production Sound Mixer
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