Night Has Fallen (????)

Genre(s): Action, Thriller

Language(s): English


The fourth entry in the "... Has Fallen" series, following the adventures of former Army Ranger and Secret Service Agent Mike Banning.

Cast 1
Gerard Butler - Mike Banning
Writing 4
Robert Mark Kamen - Screenplay
Ric Roman Waugh - Screenplay
Katrin Benedikt - Characters
Creighton Rothenberger - Characters
Production 12
Boaz Davidson - Executive Producer
Gerard Butler - Producer
Les Weldon - Producer
Avi Lerner - Executive Producer
Trevor Short - Executive Producer
Lati Grobman - Executive Producer
Heidi Jo Markel - Producer
Christa Campbell - Executive Producer
Alan Siegel - Producer
Jeffrey Greenstein - Producer
Jonathan Yunger - Producer
Yariv Lerner - Producer
Directing 1
Ric Roman Waugh - Director

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